BEST OF TWO WORLDS: See by Miriam and Magda Life

BEST OF TWO WORLDS: See by Miriam and Magda Life

Instagram can be a really fun place when you are looking for inspiration. In my ongoing search for role models in the influencer world for women of the best age, I stumbled upon two great profiles that Im sure you will love just like me. Each is so different in their style and unique presentation but then again so bold and creative in their own outfits and visions.

Someone might say – it is really the best of two different fashion worlds that clearly show how fun it can be when you find your own style and start exploring your creativity. Today I will present you Dutch influencer See by Miriam and a Spanish Instagrammer Magda Life.


Miriam is a Dutch fashion influencer currently counting almost 60 000 followers on Instagram. She is born in 1961 and has enjoying her fashion blogging lifestyle since 2015 when she started her blog

Her style is pure elegance – always looking classy in beautiful blazers, dresses and styling it up with great, big, black sunglasses. I couldn’t help to notice how beautiful her hairstyle is as well but also her skin which looks flawless (we need some advices, Miriam!).

She has been captivating me for a while and I hope you will find the same inspiration in her look just as I did.

Woman in a brown dress smiling


Magda Life is a Spanish influencer living in US currently counting almost 30 000 followers on Instagram. Her looks are nothing ordinary, even confirmed by BBC who wrote an article about her Frida Kahlo inspired looks. She has been discovered literally by walking on the streets and her looks now are inspiring women around the world.

She is bold artist, fashionista and lover of life, music and color! We can surely see that in her pictures and videos!

If you are looking for a profile that will brighten up your day and show you how life and fashion can go hand in hand and make you happier, please head to Magda Life’s profile now and enjoy the sparkles she has been sharing with us on Instagram.

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