Ballerina Flats – Ella

The most beautiful name (my mother’s name) is worn by ballerinas from the Pretty ballerinas brand. These beautiful satin shoes evoke a desire to dance.

Their name is not there without reason. Ballet as a dance that evokes admiration, is an eternal inspiration in fashion. There is almost no season that does not remind us, how ballerinas are mandatory in our selection. Although women who love high heels don’t like them, there are those (like me) who swear eternal love! I love them.

I have a lot of them. Although they may seem the same at first, they are very different. Since only the patterns or colors change over the years, almost every ballerina gets her place in my fashion fundus.

Satin blue ballerina shoes
Pretty Ballerinas - 229 Euros

There is no need to give up any of those shoes. I keep them and watch over them. I keep them in boxes and carefully choose the time to carry them. Not even in madness when it’s raining. That’s why the new Ella thrilled me. I imagine a beautiful dress, Ella and a lot of good mood ….

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