Women’s casual blazers


When Marlene Dietrich first appeared in a men’s suit, almost a century has passed.

Today there is no doubt that every woman must have a classic men’s suit. It sounds silly, but the fact is that it is no longer necessary that the suit must have a more feminine dose.

For “his” suit, it is more desirable to have it in the closet. For those who are not prone to oversized jackets, like me (sorry, but I get lost), the waist will be quite ok.


Woman in a suit
Woman standing in a brown suit

In order to help you find suits and blazers online, here is a selection below of the ones I found in Outnet.

Outnet is an online store where you can get great discounts on designer pieces and if you are lucky enough, sometimes you will catch them in a moment when they are offering Clearance – when all the selected items are off for event 80%.

I will try to inform you when that happens.

Until then, here is a selection of a few blazers below which you can find for cheaper prices than usual but act fast!

62 EUR – Limited sizes!

150 EUR – More colors!

167 EUR – Limited sizes!

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