Being a grandma


There is no role that any actress who cares about her career would not play. Except for the role of grandmother. The reason why this role is “hated” in the acting world should be sought in the fact, as it usually means, that you have become too old for roles of young women.

For actresses, a difficult and painful period. And reconciliation with the inevitable old age.

In that “ordinary” life, it is rare for a woman to be unhappy with the fact that she has “become” a grandmother. A grandmother of a girl or a boy that literally turned her life around.

So, to be a grandmother means to be a grandmother to some cute little creature. And to enjoy every moment of our socializing. And common interests.

Woman in a long dress with a toddler girl and her father
Grandma and granddaughter with big flower bouquets
grandma and grandaughter posing
Grandma and grandaughter on a bench sitting
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