Fashion Play with Giorgia & Johns

My start off the work week usually starts with a meeting. These are never cheerful topics, life is unpredictable for so many. And it creates scenarios that complicate relationships for many families. My job is to make it easier and to support those who need it. So I try to adapt my style of dressing to that. To be elegant but with a little leisure that allows me to walk around the city, waiting in front of various offices …mainly courts.

This time around my outfit was fully on point because of the trousers of Giorgia & Johns store in Ibler Square in Zagreb. The brand I chose is Italian brand called Rinascimento and I think these trousers make the outfit great as it looks.

More on the store and the offering can be found here

I hope you like my week start-off style!

Woman with a hat walking on the street
woman with a hat on a street
Woman posing on the street
Woman from the back walking
Woman with a hat walking down the street
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