Yoga for women over 60


As my usual workouts are much different than any type of yoga exercises, I decided to try yoga for women over 60 as I had a big desire to finally put myself out there and try something completely new.

I got called by Budi Joga Studio in Zagreb to have an intro class a to try it out in a private class with their coach. As I was hesitant and nervous at the beginning – will I be able to do this, is this to hard for me, how will my body react to the different yoga positions and similar, I got myself together and said YES to yoga.

I came to a private class with Mrs. Ana Kutija who was more than wonderful to give me a full intro on what will we do today and what can I expect. We agreed to do an hour of Hatha yoga which is a yoga class that typically involve a set of physical postures (yoga poses) and breathing techniques. These are practised more slowly and with more static posture holds.

Two women in a yoga pose

The class was wonderful to be honest. I managed to stretch my body more than usual using the proper yoga techniques and poses that helped me deepen my workout and feel better. I was also surprised how much my body can do being a woman of 69 years old who never did yoga in her life. My common exercises would be my daily 15minutes morning routines of abs, lifting smaller weights and a bit of stretching to the level of comfort.



I would definitely recommend this type of workout to anyone my age who is reluctant to try it as it can only make you feel more connected to your body and more relaxed in the end.

And what is great about Budi Joga Studio that it offers fully online classes that anyone can join whenever they have time from the comfort of their home so you can really choose and do it in your own pace.

If you want to check out how my class looked like, check the video below.

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