Hoodies for women



How many times have you bought a hoodie in a past year?

It seems that hoodies for women and bringing it back to fashion by spending so much time at home.

Home look is being upgraded with most comfortable hoodies and choices that would feel comfy and soft while spending our days indoors.

I have also been upgrading my home fashion looks by choosing the best possible fabrics for my sweatpants and hoodies that would help me look great but also feel great.

I found this green mint hoodie at Asos and loved it instantly. You can check it here.

What Im looking into when choosing a homewear is basically – quality. I need items that will be endurable and will be more of an oversize look that would allow me to move freely and enjoy my home time more.

This hoodie is a good example from GAP store as it comes in more colors, has this oversize feel and its of great quality.

green hoodie on a woman

It has a cool design to it but also this comfortable look I am striving for. And when it comes to price,this hoodie is under 25 USD so why not to use the opportunity?

You can find the hoodie at this link here.

My conclusion is that this pandemic has shifted the way we dress in the more cousier way and that right now, fashion emphasis is on comfortable items as we can see by the store offerings and in the online feeds around us.

I actually don’t mind this ongoing trend. And you?

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