Hat on your head


For several summer fashion seasons, the hat is a must-have accessory. Although we are used to using it on the beach as sun protection, the hat is becoming an accessory that every trendsetter, who keeps to herself, must have. I’m kidding, of course.

But it should definitely be emphasized that the hat is a fashion must-have to our outfit that will make it much more luxurious than it really is. There are women who don’t like them, but I don’t fall into that group. I adore them. Every tour of the store ends with trying them out. Who knows, maybe in another life I was an English lady who loves horse racing in Ascot.

Because it is known that ladies in horse racing compete who will have more interesting. And a more impressive hat. Although many women share the opinion that it is impractical, I would rather say that you should just choose the right model.

This year, for example, made of fabric. Which you can put in a small bag. And look wow!

black and white photo of a lady with a hat
Lady with a basket smiling
Lady with flowers and a hat
Lady with sunglasses and wide brim hat
Woman with a hat
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